''Aquarius'' is a marine services company that specializes in small vessels. We have a wide range of experience in appraising and reviewing vessels, according to the Israeli administration of shipping and ports. 
Aquarius provides engineering solutions and technical consulting for marine requirements.


Marine appraisals services

We provide appraisals services to small vessels of any kind. We believe in providing a professional and a liable review to our customers. We have years of experience in appraising and reviewing a wide range of different vessels. 

Small vessels reviewing according to ASP

Technical and engineering consulting

Assembling, planning, and running a vessel is a challenging process that requires expertise. Hence, it is recommended to consult an expert. "Aquarius" is offering precise and well-informed consulting to any need in the marine market. While working and advising our customers, we make sure general and small details are well understood. We also provide tips and practical implications for any technical problem. 


Preparing vessels for sailing faculty

Preparing a vessel for a sailing capacity can be a long and challenging process. We're here to assure a smooth and easy sailing preparation. With that said, we wish to help you pass a sailing faculty test smoothly and with no unnecessaries obstacles. ''Aquarius'' has helped an untold number of vessels to get in shape for sailing. 
In this process, we check all paperwork and security equipment required by the Israeli administration of shipping and ports.


Yacht and boat relocation

We provide yacht and small vessel relocation services. Transportation can be local or between countries and islands. Our relocation service is flexible and privately suited to customer needs and requirements.